About this site “jp-guide”

I use the shinkansen for 100 times every year for work and private. I feel that the Shinkansen is a bit hard for tourists overseas.
I first started the Shinkansen web site in 2016 for Japanese workers and students. The Shinkansen was a bit hard for first time boarders even for native Japanese.

In this site, I am likely to help tourists or for people who live in Japan. I think that there lots of web sites but this site should be more practical.

About me

I used to live in the United States and Australia while I was in primary school. I learned English there. My English should be terrible, and would like to apologize. On the other hand, information in my site might be helpful.

I also don’t want to forget English and writing in this site must help it.

I hope you can spend a splendid time in Japan.

Thank you.